Bartender 2 will keep your Mac's menu bar tidy

Those of you that need a little help managing your Mac's menu bar may be big fans of Bartender. Now, developer Surtees Studios has released Bartender 2, bringing several new features to the utility. Bartender 2 is now fully compatible with OS X El Capitan, including a new UI more at home with the design first introduced with OS X Yosemite.

As with the original app, Bartender 2 allows you to hide menu bar items in a small drawer, letting you easily access them while reducing clutter at the top of your Mac. But Bartender 2 has also features some new capabilities. You can now use your keyboard to navigate all items that you have stored in Bartender. Simply press the hotkey that activates the bartender bar, and use your keyboard's arrow keys navigate through items, pressing the return key to select. You can also now search Bartender by opening the bar and just typing.

Surtees wants you to give Bartender 2 a shot, so, like its predecessor, you have four weeks of free use of Bartender 2 before you need to pay. The app, which is a separate download from Bartender 1, can be found at the Bartender website, and will cost new users $15 after the trial. Users upgrading from the original Bartender, meanwhile, will only need to pay $7.50.