Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius tells the story of the people behind the bar

Stephen Hackett of fame used to work as an Apple Genius and he's chosen to share his exploits and adventures behind the glass, wood, and aluminum curtain in Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius. He's also used his considerable prowess as a writer to do so in insightful, humorous form. Here's the teaser, and it's a good one:

Being one of the most successful companies in the world has made anything Apple-related newsworthy and special, including working in its retail stores. The truth is that selling computers at the Apple Store isn’t that much different from selling them anywhere else, but it is better.

It’s better because Apple is different than most other companies. Despite its monstrous success and growth the last few years, the company has not lost its focus on providing excellent experiences for its customers.

The Apple Store is the place where those experiences are made far better or far worse. Being on the front lines means gathering some great war stories. Stephen is here to share a few of his.

From the opening salvo of a young college student who ruined a MacBook in the most unfortunate way, to the trials and tribulations of being on the front end of the iPhone 3G and the MobileMe launch, Hackett pulls few punches. By the end of the book, the Apple Genius will be a little less mysterious, a little more human, and every bit as impressive.

Bartending: Memoirs of an Apple Genius is available now in Amazon Kindle and ePub (iBooks compatible) formats for just $4.99.

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