iOS 5.1 has been out for several days now, so it's time to ask -- how's it working for you? Did it fix any bugs or battery life issues you were having with iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? Did it make performance better on your older original iPad or iPhone 3GS? Did any of the new features like even faster camera access and Photo Stream photo deletion make you life easier?

Is it pretty much the same as iOS 5 for you? Or did it make things worse? Is your battery draining faster, are things more buggy, is performance worse, is is camera access even more annoying now?

Bottom line, how is iOS 5 working out for you?

Give us your quick answer in the poll up top and give us the details in the comments below. Make sure to include which device you're running iOS 5.1 on, and whether you did a clean install or updated, and if you updated, whether you did it via iTunes or over-the-air (OTA) right on your device.