BBEdit 11 arrives, can find differences in your documents and more

Bare Bones Software has released BBEdit 11, the latest version of their powerful text editor. Version 11 adds a number of new and useful features, adding a number of improvements under the hood as well.

A new Find Differences workflow gives you a single-window presentation in the differences between two versions of a file. A new sidebar for folder comparisons will now show you files that have been mismatched, helping you bring two folders up to speed with each other.

The Clippings system is now more flexible, with clippings now mangaged differently, and can be used universally or on a per-language basis. This flexibility has been extended to the rest of the Clippings system, including the palette and text completion system.

Searching has become more powerful with Text Extraction. This gathers search results into a single document. It can be used on a single open docuement, or on multiple files and folders. The syntax coloring has also seen an improvement, adding new color selection. Language modules can also add their own color types.

New users can purchase BBEdit 11 from the Bare Bones store for $49.99. Existing customers can upgrade from version 10 for $29.99. Anyone looking to upgrade the version of BBEdit purchased from the Mac App Store will also need to pay $29.99, and download it directly from Bare Bones.