BBM's much anticipated launch on Android and iOS very publicly didn't go according to plan this past weekend, resulting in the release being halted. While some iPhone owners in locations such as New Zealand and across Asia managed to snag a copy before it was pulled, for the rest of us, we're not likely to see it return to the App Store this week. At least, not according to Andrew Bocking, the man in charge of BBM at BlackBerry:

The team is now focused on adjusting the system to completely block this unreleased version of the Android app when we go live with the official BBM for Android app. We are also making sure that the system is reinforced to handle this kind of scenario in the future. While this may sound like a simple task – it’s not. This will take some time and I do not anticipate launching this week.

Bocking also reinforced the reasons behind BBM being pulled in the first place – in short, a leak of an unreleased Android version of the app caused more traffic than they could handle in such a short space of time. Perhaps the reason it was scheduled to hit specific App Stores at specific times in the first place.

In somewhat related news, the issue with BlackBerry BBM users not being able to reply to messages sent from an iPhone seems to have begun working. I've actually been able to speak to some BlackBerry owning friends and colleagues using BBM today, so at least those of you who do already have it should be starting to get a better experience from it now.

If you missed it the first time round, be sure to check out our first look at BBM for iPhone in the video that you'll find below. After all this though, are you still interested in BBM for iPhone? Or did BlackBerry blow it in your eyes? Sound off in the comments!

Source: BlackBerry via CrackBerry