Be My Eyes is a new app for the iPhone and iPad that lets sighted people help blind people see. The app is both for those that need help and for those that want to help, connecting them with both audio and video through the Be My Eyes network.

When you request help from Be My Eyes, which can be done easily with a two-finger double tap on your phone's screen, it will connect you to the first available volunteer. It may take time to find someone, given that Be My Eyes relies on real people. The audio-video connection will let you show your volunteer video from your phone's rear-facing iSight camera, letting them tell you what they see.

Sighted users wishing to help can sign up to help in Be My Eyes, either with Facebook or via email. The app will alert you when someone is requesting help. If you decline the call because you can't help at the moment, another volunteer will be notified, ensuring that your don't leave someone without help. When you help you'll be rewarded points and level up, and you can check your progress on your profile.

Be My Eyes is available for free from the App Store right now, and you can learn more on the Be My Eyes website.

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