Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box review: Fun and delicious

Are you interested in expanding your coffee palate and trying new coffees? Seattle has a vibrant coffee scene, and this is a great way to explore it from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're looking for a gift for the discriminating coffee drinker or want to treat yourself, take a look at the Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler box.

The Good

  • Sample different coffees monthly
  • Coffee is freshly roasted
  • Small-batch roasters
  • Delicious

The Bad

  • Fairly Expensive

Seattle's best

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box: Features

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box is a fun way to try different coffees from over 20 different award-winning small-batch roasters in Seattle, Washington. The coffee ships quite soon after roasting. Mine had been roasted just seven days before it arrived on my doorstep.

Each box contains four 1.8-ounce packages of coffee beans. This is eight tablespoons of coffee, approximately enough to make one 8-cup pot of coffee. Of course, it depends on how strongly you brew your coffee. Each package is from a different roaster and will have a different flavor profile. Detailed information about each coffee is printed on the front of each bag. You'll learn where it was roasted, the roasting date, where it falls on the light-to-dark spectrum, and what flavor notes to expect. If you love that coffee and want to order more, you can scan the QR code on the package and be taken to that roaster's website.

Bean Box offers a no-commitment way to sample the best coffees from Seattle's vibrant coffee scene

On the back of each bag, you'll find simple brewing instructions: use 3.5 cups of filtered water to brew each 8-tablespoon package. Each bag has a one-way gas release valve, as all bagged coffee should. This allows built-up gasses to exit the bag without letting any air in, keeping your coffee fresher longer. There is also a zipper-style top, so if you don't use the whole bag at once, you can easily reseal it.

If you purchase a single box, you are not committing to any kind of subscription service. You can also purchase a "pack of three" which is a three-month subscription, or a pack of six, or a 12-month subscription. When you order, you can choose if you want all light roasts, espresso roasts, dark roasts, medium roasts, decaf, or a mix. You can also order larger sample boxes, as well as boxes with additional gourmet treats such as chocolate included.

No commitment

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box: What I like

I love being able to try different coffees without a big commitment to one kind. I also like that you don't need to commit to an entire year. Each of the coffees I tried were delicious: Water Avenue Coffee Company El Salvador Ayutepeque, Keala's Coffee Na Pali Blend, Ladro Roasting Fremont Blend, and Fundamental Coffee Company Humbucker Blend.

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box

Extravagant treat

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box: What I don't like

There's no denying that this is a pretty expensive way to get your cup of joe in the morning. It breaks down to about $7 per pot or close to $1 per "cup." I put cup in quotes because it's a coffee cup, which is substantially less than an 8-ounce measuring cup.

Excellent for the coffee adventurer

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler Subscription Box: Bottom line

Ordering your coffee beans from Bean Box is still cheaper than going out for coffee. So, if buying this gourmet coffee encourages you to start grinding and brewing your own coffee at home, you'll actually save money. Since you can order just a single box of four freshly-roasted coffee bean packages, it's a great low-commitment way to expand your coffee palate. Bean Box makes it easy to re-order your favorite beans direct from the roasters. Whether you want to treat yourself or you're looking for an awesome gift. Bean Box has you covered.

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