Heard of BeastGrip? Our sister site, Windows Central, had high praises for this camera lens adapter and rig system for smartphones. The company gave us an early look at their latest product: the BeastGrip Pro. Just like the original BeastGrip, it lets you attach standard conversion lenses and other accessories to your phone. Take a look at our hands-on video.

The iPhone 6 Plus was being used in the demo, but the BeastGrip Pro can be set up with different phones thanks to its adjustable clamps. There's a cold shoe mount and multiple standard threads so you can attach lights, microphones, and other accessories.

What's the main difference between the BeastGrip Pro and the original BeastGrip? The original was made with 3D-printers, while the newer product is made with mould-injected parts.

The BeastGrip Pro is expected to sell for $90. It's not finished yet and there are still a few things that need to be worked on. We'll keep our eyes open for updates on this interesting accessory. For more information, head over to beastgrip.com. Would you use this with your iPhone?