Beats Electronics' president talks working with Apple in new interview

Luke Wood, president of Beats' hardware division, recently sat down at the Beats Symposium in Sydney, Australia to talk about working at Apple, the impact of Beats as a cultural force, and how the company keeps improving its products. Wood mentioned that the integration of Apple and Beats is going well a little more than a year in, saying that he was pleasantly surprised by the high level of integrity at the company.

Wood also talked about how the acquisition was a natural fit, given that both companies focus on building premium product experiences. From Mashable:

We've always been consistent at Beats with focusing on premium audio. We're looking at our little audio slice of the world and trying to focus on creating a stellar product experience. I think that's also the fundamental DNA of everything Steve wanted to accomplish at Apple. By product experience, that includes ID, design, technology, innovation, simplicity. Those are always things that have been fundamental to our DNA, too.

As to some of the pushback that Beats receives over the quality of its products, Wood only says that while he's proud of the products the company has created, he's even happier with its current lineup.

You can read the full interview at the link below.

Source: Mashable