As if the world wasn't blessed with enough streaming music services, a new report suggests the folks at Beats will be joining the party in the not too distant future. In speaking with The Next Web, Beats COO Luke Wood has outlined some details for the forthcoming service:

Beats will launch its long-awaited music streaming service, Beats Music, “within the next few months” in the United States. Luke Wood, president and COO of the company, told TNW that it will be accessible on the Web, as well as from an iOS or Android device. Support for Windows 8, presumably through a dedicated app, will arrive at a later date.

Android, iOS and the web ticks probably the three biggest boxes for a new service, especially if all three do arrive simultaneously at the launch of Beats Music. Beats acquired MOG back in 2012, which has helped accelerate the development of Beats Music.

Wood also went on to talk a little about how Beats Music would be structured, with playlists and curation at the center of what the new product will offer. Beats is a big name in the audio world – love it or hate it – but the streaming music space has never been more competitive than it is right now. Apple, Google and Microsoft all have their own offerings, not to mention established favorites such as Pandora, Spotify and Rdio.

The question isn't so much whether Beats will or won't deliver a compelling product, it's more whether or not there's actually any room left in the space for another new name. Thoughts?

Source: The Next Web