Now that Apple Music has gained some traction, Beats Music has announced it will shut down on November 30. The news was confirmed through an updated support page on the Beats Music website, as well as through an email being sent out to Sonos users:

Beats Music is ending all service on November 30, but don't worry - Apple Music is coming soon to Sonos. By moving your Beats Music account to Apple Music, you'll be able to keep your playlists and preferences and listen on Sonos as soon as it is available. Keep an eye out for your invitation with all of the details.

The email goes on to note that Beats Music users when Beats Music users switch over to Apple Music, they can bring all of their playlists and preferences with them. The shutdown date will mark 5 months since Apple Music hit the scene on June 30 following its announcement at WWDC.

Source: Beats Music