Distiller 3

Distiller is a useful app for your iPhone and iPad if you're not an expert in the field of spirits and other alcoholic beverages. Tapping into a growing community of liquor fans, you'll be in a better position to make solid purchases. The developer has just pushed out version 3 of the app, which implements completely re-designed navigation, the ability to sort and filter lists, as well as more capabilities when it comes to sharing.

Here's the full log of changes for version 3.0:

  • Totally re-designed navigation with Search, Lists, and Recommendations front and center
  • Single feed of recently reviewed spirits with regularly updated themed spirits lists on Home screen
  • Brand new spirit pages. Tap + to add to list, the Pencil to write a note, and the Book to read other tasting notes
  • Tap any tasting note to comment, like or share easily
  • Sort your search results by expert rating, average user rating, or recently added
  • Sort and filter your own lists
  • Local database of spirits means the app works even when you have no internet connection
  • Sharing. So much sharing. Share spirits, tasting notes, recommendations, and lists all by hitting the share button!
  • Easily switch spirit types by swiping right or tapping the spirit switcher icon in the top left
  • Keep all of the spirit types separated, or see them all together in the new All Spirits section
  • Deep linking! Links to new spirits in emails from Distiller will now fire up the app and take you where you need to go

With Distillaer 3 installed, you'll be better prepared when it comes to picking out premium whiskey for the evening or brandy to give away as a gift thanks to the comprehensive review system in place.

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