For true multi-room music, Sonos is a name we're all familiar with. But, there's a new kid in town called Beep, which offers a similar style result but with your existing stereo equipment. And of course, you'll be able to control the whole thing from your iOS – or Android – device when it ships in Fall.

You still get the same synchronization as with Sonos, but Beep is targeted at those folks who already have a multitude of home stereo equipment throughout their homes. Instead of a standalone connected speaker, you get this weird, futuristic looking dial that connects to an existing pair of speakers, or a receiver or dock. The mobile app will initially play music from Pandora or stored locally on your phone. More online services and support for music on your computer or NAS drive are something that may be added down the line.

So, how much to fill your home with Beep, then? The regular price is $149 each, but if you pre-order right now you'll snag them for $99. Sadly, only folks in the U.S. can place orders at this time, and it'll be a bit of a wait to get them. But, if you've lusted after a Sonos but the price put you off, maybe, just maybe this is a more cost efficient alternative. Anyone buying?

Source: Beep