Belkin has announced its LiveAction Camera Grip and Camera Remote accessories for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPod touch. We already knew that the Camera Remote was in the pipeline however the Camera Grip is something new and quite unique. Both accessories can only be used with Belkin’s LiveAction app which is available in the App Store.

The Camera Grip is designed to make your device feel more like a traditional camera. It features a grip that attaches to the dock connector and even fits over the top of most cases. This offers an easier way to hold your iPhone as well as offering dedicated buttons to shoot photographs and capture video. The grip also has a built in tripod mount that works with any standard tripod.

The Camera Remote is a Bluetooth enabled remote camera shutter. It has the ability to remotely initiate the iPhone or iPod touch camera shutter from up to 30 feet away. Again it has two buttons, one to control the camera and the other for video capture. The Camera Remote also comes with a stand to prop up your device to obtain the best angle for your shots.

Each of the new accessories will cost $49.99.

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