We're already familiar with the Philips Hue set up, a connected, iOS controllable home lighting system. But, what about upping your nerd cred without shelling out hundreds of dollars on WiFi enabled light bulbs? Belkin's WeMo light switch could be just what you're looking for. It connects to WiFi, has an iOS – and Android – app to control things from your smartphone, and works with your regular old light bulbs for a fraction of the price. Android Central's Jerry Hildenbrand has given them a try:

Would I recommend these to anyone? Why, hell yes I would. A standard decor switch from your local electric supply house or home center will cost you about $10. These will cost you about $50. The fun factor alone is worth the $40 difference, and the ability to control and automate your home right from your Android opens up a world of convenience.

Home automation is something many of us dream of, and the fact it's becoming easier and more affordable to do it and hook it into something like our smartphones or tablets is even better. Head on over to Android Central to read the full review, and be sure to let us know what you think? If you're already in the connected home space, let us know what you're using!

Source: Android Central