It's not cars that were filmed with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, however, but rather clothing. Specifically, in honor of the Savile Row and America: A Sartorial Special Relationship, which takes place this week at the British Ambassador's residence in Washington, D.C., Bentley Motors commissioned custom driving jackets from the four Savile Row houses. And then director Austin Reza took the iPhones, an app called FiLMic Pro, and a lot of talent, and made magic.

The iPhone 6 has a great camera, and not just for stills. The video camera now has cinematic stabilization, and up to 240 fps slow motion video. We've used it to cover trade shows, but an ever increasing range of movie makers, videographers, and production crews have used it and its predecessors to produce documentaries, commercials, fashion shows, and more.

Looking at what Bentley has commissioned, and I'm impressed, but I'm also inspired. It makes me want to produce more and better video with my iPhone 6.

And I think I just might... How about you?

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