World renowned luxury car manufacturer Bentley has produced an interior for its Mulsanne car that would make any Apple fan weak at the knees. The car on its own is an impressive lump of pure luxury, sporting a twin-turbo V8 engine with a price tag of around 250,000 euros. Now throw in another 100,000 euros worth of interior enhancements which includes two iPad 2s and a Mac Mini and you can see why this is such a desirable car for us Apple lovers!

Press a button in the center console and a wood-encased tray gently folds down from the back of the seat in front -- there's one in each. Once folded down you can hit another button on the right side and the tray automatically (and noisily) splits in two, exposing an iPad 2 in the top and a Bluetooth keyboard in the bottom

The Mac Mini is installed in the trunk and is connected to an LCD monitor that drops down from the ceiling. It is controlled by a Magic Trackpad and a keyboard that sits in the rear of the center console in a handmade leather pouch.

It is currently just a concept and who knows if it will ever be offered as an option on future Bentley cars. If it does become available, who is getting one?