Bernie Sanders wants Apple to manufacture more products in U.S.

In a recent interview conducted by New York Daily News, U.S. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders expressed his wish that Apple would produce more of its products in the U.S. and pay its "fair share of taxes." Sanders, whose campaign has largely relied on a message of tackling corporate greed, expressed his view when asked whether he believes Apple is one of the companies "destroying the fabric of America." Says Sanders:

No, Apple is not destroying the fabric of America. But I do wish they'd be manufacturing some of their devices, here, in the United States rather than in China. And I do wish that they would not be trying to avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

Apple has been a recurring topic this campaign cycle, though the most high-profile comments have come from Republican frontrunner Donald Trump. In January, Trump stated he would make Apple manufacture products in the U.S.. While Sanders' comments didn't go quite so far, it's clear that both candidates would like to see similar changes from the tech giant.

It should be noted that, while most Apple products are made in China, the company does assemble the Mac Pro in Texas. As noted by Re/code, a number of components used in Apple products are also produced by American companies.