One of the bigger stories at CES this year was smartwatches. There were so many I had a hard time keeping track of them all, and figuring out which, if any, were worth my attention. Luckily, Adam Zeis did all the heavy lifting on that. He's compiled a list of the best 5 smartwatches at CES. From Smartwatch Fans:

This year CES was a huge year for smartwatches and wearables. There were tons of watches and fitness bands everywhere you looked and there was even a dedicated "Wrist Revolution" section which housed the likes of Neptune Pine, Sonostar, the Qualcomm Toq and MetaWatch. We definitely had a busy week scouring the floor for the latest and greatest devices, and also for stealing some hands-on time with a few devices we hadn't been able to play with before.

No spoilers. Check out the list and let me know if any catch your eye... or your wallet.