Best Buy customers returned Samsung tablets after mistaking them for iPads...

Amid the flood of court documents being released as part of the ongoing Apple vs Samsung courtroom drama, Ina Fried from AllThingsD notes the following line (emphasis mine):

Samsung was forced to release a bunch of documents it had been keeping under seal that show the likeness between its products and Apple’s. Examples outlined in the documents include comments from Samsung workers discussion similarities with Apple’s products and reports Samsung got from retailer Best Buy that Samsung tablets were being returned because customers thought they were getting iPads.

It's Best Buy customers plural, so we know it's more than one. But no number is given, so we don't know it's more than two. We have not idea how many Best Buy stores the customers were spread over either. It makes for a great headline or pull quote. It may or may not make for good evidence in court. But it almost certainly will get some attention online, and be the subject of a few jokes.

But seriously, how many people really bought a Samsung tablet thinking it was an iPad, took it home, and then at some point discovered it wasn't? And at what point did they discover it wasn't? How many really didn't know vs. how many had second thoughts and decided they wanted an iPad instead?

And does that say more about Samsung copying Apple design motifs, Best Buy not properly interacting with their customers to assure they're getting what they want to get, or customers just being inattentive? Remember how hard it was for our own Seth Clifford to buy an Android tablet at Staples?

It's going to get sillier before it gets saner, folks.

Source: AllThingsD