According to a new report, Best Buy and Apple may have struck an agreement to allow the retailer to offer AppleCare in store. The change is said to take place when the upcoming iPhone 6s is launched, and would be available for more than just phones. Under the new agreement, Best Buy would offer AppleCare at checkout, making them the only retailer to offer it.

AppleCare sold through Best Buy will be very similar to the one Apple sells, but it will also add some additional benefits. According to 9to5Mac:

The AppleCare plans sold through Best Buy will operate identically to the offerings sold directly from Apple, but they will also combine in Best Buy's standard warranty. Customer who purchase an Apple product along with AppleCare through Best Buy will be able to service their devices either directly via Apple or through Best Buy itself.

According to the sources, Best Buy was reluctant in offering AppleCare, as it already offers its own protection plans for phones and computers. With just over a month until the expected announcement and release, it won't be long before we find out if Best Buy will actually begin offering AppleCare to consumers.

Source: 9to5Mac