Is the best Google phone the HTC One... or the iPhone 5?

Android Central names the HTC One the best of the current batch of Android phones -- but is the iPhone 5 even better for Google users?

The incredibly smart and well groomed folks over at Android Central have done their typically masterful job distilling down the current crop of flagships and picking their favorite Android phone of bunch -- the HTC One. They say:

There's a lot to like here. The (mostly) all-aluminum body looks and feels more sophisticated than a plastic phone, and the gentle curve fits the hand nicely. While we've still got our quibbles with the Sense user interface, Sense 5 is the most stylish version yet, and most important is that it doesn't exhibit the lag that we've seen in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

However, after Google started getting their iOS app act together, I posited that the iPhone 5 had, in fact, become one of the best Google phones on the planet:

Yet in other ways, Google on iOS is even better [than Google on Android]. Using Android without wanting to use Google isn't pleasant, but on iOS you can easily pick and choose your Google Services, and mix and match between them, Apple's built-in services, and offerings from Yahoo!, Microsoft, and others. You also get the benefit of Apple's still much smoother user interface, which doesn't offer all the features of Android, but handles everything from scrolling to swiping to tapping with far, far more buttery-ness than even the latest version of Jelly Bean.

The HTC One is probably my favorite current generation Android phone as well, but the value I get on the iPhone 5 is still far greater. With the iPhone 5, I get amazing Google apps, but I also get indie apps like Fantastical, Letterpress, Tweetbot, and countless others.

So while the HTC One is quite possibly the best Android phone on the market today, could the iPhone 5 be a better all around value for Google users?