Best Replacement Bands for Fitbit Charge 2 iMore 2022

We have watched the Fitbit Charge evolve a lot over the years. Fitbit is a leading giant in the fitness wearable industry and has continuously put out excellent and reputable products, the Fitbit Charge 2 being one of them. Though several models have popped up since then, the Charge 2 is still a solid fitness tracker. If you own a Fitbit Charge 2 and you're looking to add a personal flair, look no further than this list. These are the best replacement bands for your Fitbit Charge 2.

Poy Silicone Band

Classic: POY Silicone Band

Staff Favorite

This silicone band bears a striking resemblance to the original Fitbit Charge 2 band. It's classic, which is why we love it. It comes in a whopping 42 colors! Talk about having options. It's made of water and sweat-resistant silicone, so it's perfect for all-day wear, and it's outfitted with a stainless steel buckle.

From $4 at Amazon
Genuine Leather wristband for Fitbit Charge 2

Genuine leather: Hotodeal Leather Band

This Hotodeal band is made of genuine leather and pairs perfectly with the Charge 2. You have 20 different colors and slightly different designs to choose from. It's soft, slim, and comfortable to wear. Dress it up, or dress it down; this band is perfect for any and every occasion.

$16 at Amazon
Yonworth Boho Band Reco

Boho vibes: Yonworth Elastic Band

You'll be channeling bohemian vibes with one of these cool elastic bands by Yonworth. They're made of elastic nylon and offer a scrunchie-like fit. The elastic nylon is soft, stretchy, and fully adjustable. This band comes in eight different designs and is perfect for everyday wear.

$11 at Amazon
Fitnessbitsy Cuff Charge

For the Outlander fans: FITnessBITsy Silver Cover Cuff

This beautiful silver cuff cover was inspired by Jamie and Claire Fraser and the Highlands of Scotland. Note that it is a Fitbit Charge cover, so it's designed to cover your Charge 2 band while allowing you to see the display and access the side button. It comes in multiple sizes to ensure a perfect fit. It is both eye-catching and unique, so get ready to turn some heads with this gorgeous piece.

$35 at Etsy
Ak Silicone Bands Reco

Best Value: AK Silicone Bands

This six-pack of bands is a great value and comes in some cool color combinations. These bands feature easy installation and one-button removal. They're made of high-quality elastomer that prevents skin irritation and is lightweight, durable, and comfortable to wear.

$11 at Amazon
Wearlizer Metal Bands Reco

Stylish and elegant: Wearlizer Metal Bands

These elegant metal bands by Wearlizer come in four different colors: black, gold, mixed metal, and silver. They're stylish, elegant, and perfect for dressier occasions. They're made of high-quality materials, so there's no need to worry about your wrist-turning colors. They also come with a one-year warranty or your money back.

$20 at Amazon
Meliya Mesh Metal Bands

Mesh metal: Meliya Metal Bands

This mesh metal band features a magnetic locking system to ensure the perfect fit. It's made of premium woven, stainless steel, mesh metal with a polished edge for a smooth, comfortable feel. It comes in several different colors, but we're partial to the rainbow one (pictured). It's durable and built to last.

$9 at Amazon
Bayite Canvas Bands Reco

Fabric: Baylite Canvas Bands

This fabric band by Bayite is made of heavy-duty canvas and outfitted with a brushed, stainless steel buckle. It's lightweight and breathable, allowing moisture to escape freely and easily. It features easy removal and installation and comes with a one-year warranty or your money back.

$10 at Amazon
Fintie Nylon Sport Band

Woven nylon: Fintie Nylon Sport Band

This nylon NATO style replacement strap is compatible with Fitbit Charge 2. It's made of premium nylon material and features moderate softness and fine craftwork, making it comfortable and durable. Its fully adjustable design has 10 holes for a secure fit, and it's outfitted with a stainless steel buckle.

$11 at Amazon
Wongeto Resin Band

Resin: Wongeto Resin Band

This gorgeous band is polished and made of high-quality resin. Resin is lightweight and extremely durable. It is water and sweat-resistant so that you can rock it in the pool, shower, and while you're working out. It comes in five unique patterns, so you can pick the one that suits your style best.

$22 at Amazon
Meliya Leather Sparkle Band Reco

Leather, patterns, sparkles: Meliya Leather Band

These cool leather bands by Meliya come in 10 different colors and patterns. We love the Glitter Champagne Gold option because we love a good sparkle band. Each band features a metal buckle for a custom fit, and they're made of soft, comfortable, genuine leather.

$13 at Amazon
Wonmille Starry Night Band Reco

Soft and stretchy: Wonmille Band

This super soft and stretchy band by Wonmille is made of elastic, woven polyester for a skin-friendly, comfortable fit. It comes in six different colors and patterns, but how cool is this Starry Night print? These bands are unisex and outfitted with an adjustable buckle.

$11 at Amazon

Find your ideal band

Fitbit is staying on top of the fitness game, and the Charge 2 is still going strong. We looked for metal bands, fabric bands, silicone bands, and elastic bands while comprising this list. Each band showcased comes in a large assortment of different colors and patterns, so if the one pictured isn't your jam, click the link to find the look that best suits your style.

We're a sucker for a classic, so we love the POY Silicone Bands. They're sporty and sweat and water-resistant. They can be worn in the pool, the shower, and will stand up to your toughest sweat sessions. If metal is more your speed, check out the Meliya Mesh Metal Bands, or dress your look up with the elegant Wearlizer Metal Band.

We're big fans of NATO style bands as well. If that resonates with you, check out the Fintie Nylon Sport Band. Whatever your personal style is, if you're looking to outfit a Fitbit Charge 2, we've found the perfect new band for you on this list of the best replacement bands for Fitbit Charge 2.

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