Best waterproof cases for iPad mini 5 iMore 2019

Planning on taking your iPad mini 5 with you on a nice vacation next to the water or just want to make sure it doesn't get wet at home? Then you need a waterproof case for your mighty small tablet! Here are some nice options to consider when shopping for a waterproof iPad mini case.

Please note that some of these were originally designed for iPad mini 4, which has the same physical dimensions as the iPad mini 5. The only differences are the placement of the microphone on the back and the volume buttons on the side.

That Tethys quality: TETHYS Universal Waterproof Case

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TETHYS is a brand that some may be familiar with for their screen protectors and cases for mobile devices, so this waterproof bag is a good option to consider. It can hold devices and tablets up to 8.8 inches in size, leaving room for other small things, like cash and cards. The plastic is clear in the back so you can take photo and video without issue, and the bag has a lanyard to make carrying easier. It's IPX8 certified for submersion up to 98 feet, keeps the dirt and dust out, and lets you use the screen uninterrupted.

$10 at Amazon

A universal solution: MoKo Universal Waterproof Case

This option from MoKo isn't exactly a case, but it works. It's a universal plastic pouch that will fit any device or tablet up to 8.3-inches (diagonally) in size. Just slide your iPad mini 5 into the bag, close the cover, lock it into place, and it'll be completely protected from water (up to 98 feet with the IPX8 rating), snow, and even dirt. It even comes with a lanyard that easily attaches, making it super easy to carry around with you no matter where you are. Plus, you can't beat the price.

$10 at Amazon

Bag it up: BUBOS Waterproof Tablet Case

The BUBOS Waterproof Tablet Case works with any tablet device up to 8-inches in size, making it perfect for an iPad mini. It has an IPX7 certification, so it can be submerged up to 98 feet without issue, as long as it's properly sealed, of course! It's also great for keeping snow, dust, and dirt out as well, while maintaining full touch screen functions. And it's clear plastic, so there's no issue with taking photo or video while it's in the bag. BUBOS also has removable straps to make carrying easier.

$11 at Amazon

Out of these options, we like the TETHYS Universal Waterproof Case the most. TETHYS is a brand we've mentioned around here a few times, and their products are always pretty good quality, considering the price. Plus, this waterproof bag will fit any other device up to 8.8 inches in size, so it doesn't just have to be your iPad mini 5 in there!

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