At the Ottawa International Game Conference, I met up with some folks from Montreal called Double Stallion Games. They were showing off a new gesture-based spin on classic beat-em-up titles. Big Action Mega Fight (which not coincidentally spells BAMF as an acronym) is landing late summer as a free to play title. Players swipe away at enemies to execute short attacks, gestures such as circles and pinches to launch into special maneuvers, and tap the screen to move and dodge attacks. Players have limited lives which regenerate over real time, or you can indulge in in-app purchases to get playing again right away.

BAMF is a really straightforward in terms of gameplay, but between the retro feel and the great hand-drawn animations used throughout, I think I'll be able to see myself putting some time into it. Hit up Double Stallion to keep tabs on the Big Action Mega Fight's progress.