Big Canvas PhotoShare offers easy uploading and sharing of photos, with comments and all the usual social networking trappings, for your iPhone. How does this fair compared to built in, but social-less services like MobileMe, or 3rd party support for giants like Facebook and Flickr?

If you try it, let us know!

Leah gives us the press blub, after the break!

A picture is worth a thousand words…In a world overrun with technology, it can be difficult to identify truly useful and innovative tools. Seattle-based Big Canvas is cutting through the clutter with its life-logging tool, PhotoShare. Big Canvas’ technology encourages visual conversations and real-time interaction. To date, Big Canvas has introduced two applications, PhotoShare and SmallCanvas.


With PhotoShare, users instantaneously upload images from their iPhone. Viewers can comment on photos and be visually involved with family birthdays, holidays and landmark celebrations.

With PhotoShare’s “life-logging” technology, family members won’t miss a minute of holiday memories. Grandparents in Oregon can watch their grandkids in New York unwrap presents under the Christmas tree or light a menorah for Chanukah. PhotoShare is super family-centric for those moments that one or another parent or family member cannot share.


Big Canvas’ second application, SmallCanvas, gives users the power to edit and duplicate images. A social networking drawing application, SmallCanvas users share their drawings and pictures with other iPhone users using PhotoShare technology. The relationship means drawings will be displayed on PhotoShare and can be viewed by thousands of PhotoShare community members. SmallCanvas encourages creative life-logging.