Getting help at an Apple Genius Bar

AppleCare is a great program for Apple customers, but it could soon be getting even better. At a recent town hall meeting held with AppleCare employees, Apple VP Tara Bunch laid out the changes that are in the works for the 30-million-customer AppleCare+ program. Apple plans to expand AppleCare+ beyond the current 14 nations of availability, though is being held up by local regulations.

As reported by 9to5Mac, the time frame in which to purchase AppleCare+ will likely be expanded from the current 30 days to 60 days, and Apple has also considered a subscription version of AppleCare.

Apple's also moving to significantly improve their online support offerings:

[The company imagines] a time in which all Apple support will be solely handled through online resources, and the changes coming to the support service in the near-future indicate that Apple is serious about that belief. Apple is said to be developing new tools for customers to more easily self-diagnose and troubleshoot problems with Macs, iOS devices, and other Apple hardware, software, and services. Apple is also working on complete redesigns for the user-facing support tools website and discussion forums for debut later this year.

Additionally, Apple is also said to be working to improve support for problems related to Apple ID, iTunes, and iCloud, which combined account for a quarter of their technical support calls. That improved support could include better self-help tools for "trouble shooting minor annoyances such as password resets and login problems."

Apple still is one of the world's leading companies when it comes to technical support, but what would you like to see them improve in their technical support systems?

Source: 9to5Mac