Popular finance tracker, BillGuard, has today announced its first expansion beyond North America bringing it's service to folks in Australia, New Zealand and the UK for the very first time. Most major local banks and credit card providers are now supported to use alongside it's simple, yet powerful features to help you keep track of your spending. And all that in a really nice iOS – or Android – application.

As with the U.S. version, BillGuard remains free to use in these new countries, too. In a past life BillGuard charged a subscription fee for multiple card tracking, but now it's totally free and totally unlimited. If you're not familiar, BillGuard links to your card accounts on a read-only basis to pull in your transaction history and has some pretty significant backing.

Also coming to new customers in these three new countries is the Resolve service, where BillGuard will step in and assist its users with dubious charges as an alternative to waiting on hold with the card companies. You can tackle them right within the application. Data breach information makes the international expansion, too, and will alert you if any vendors you've spent money with has its data compromized.

You can grab this latest version now from the App Store link below. If BillGuard is a favorite of yours, be sure to let folks in these new countries now what you love about it!

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