Biometrics firm Valencell has filed a lawsuit against Apple alleging that the tech giant stole its patented technology to power the heart rate sensor in the Apple Watch after expressing interesting in licensing said technology starting in 2013. According to the lawsuit, as originally reported by Apple Insider, Apple came to Valencell in 2013, and again in 2014, to express interest in the company's PerformTek heart rate sensor.

Following the 2013 meeting, Valencell says that it showed off a prototype PlatformTek watch to Apple employees before sending test samples to Apple. Valencell alleges that Apple chose to use the technical information provided to it in the making of the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor while implying that it was interested in licensing the tech, which it never did:

On information and belief, Apple solicited technical information and know-how from Valencell on the false premise that it wished to license Valencell's PerformTek Technology. Apple did not have an intention of licensing Valencell's PerformTek Technology. Instead, Apple's interaction with Valencell was fueled by a business decision that the benefits of infringing upon Valencell's patented technology outweigh the risk of being caught and ultimately forced to pay damages. This practice is consistent with the statement by Apple CEO Steve Jobs that Apple has "always been shameless about stealing great ideas." Further, Apple is knowingly using Valencell's patented technology in an effort to achieve a licensing rate that is below a reasonable royalty.

Valencell also claims that Apple employees accessed white papers on its technology while using fake names to conceal their identity. The company says that the Apple Watch infringes on four of its patents, and is seeking an injunction.

Source: Apple Insider