True to their word, Aspyr has made the epic first-person shooter, Bioshock Infinite, available to buy today for the Mac. Available in the Mac App Store, through Steam or directly from Aspyr's website, Bioshock Infinite is the third in the incredibly popular series to hit the Mac.

Released earlier this year for Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3, Bioshock Infinite puts you in the shoes of Booker DeWitt, a private security agent sent to the floating city of Columbia. Your mission is to rescue Elizabeth, a girl who has spent much of her life there, and who has some unusual paranormal abilities.

Bioshock Infinite has received high praise from all corners. It has a great storyline – it's OK, no spoilers – impressive gameplay mechanics and simply stunning graphics. It's one of the best looking games you'll see on current generation hardware for sure. With that comes some pretty hefty hardware requirements, so be sure to give them the once over before hitting that purchase button. It does come with gamepad support though, including PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers if you've got those hooked up to your Mac.

Also be aware that if you buy it from the Mac App Store, you won't be able to get any downloadable content offered up through Steam. Something to consider when you choose where to buy it from, though the Steam version is SteamPlay compatible. So, if you already bought the Windows version you can get it for Mac right now, free of charge.

Otherwise, have at it. Or have you already played it through on another platform? Either way, let us know what you think of it!

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