Are you guys familiar with BioShock? It was an amazing first person shooter that released for the Xbox 360 and PC. As one of the best games of 2007, it created a beautiful story through deep emotional connection and stunning visuals. And guess what. It's coming to the iPhone.

Yes, that's not a typo. It hasn't even been ported to a portable gaming machine yet but it is coming to the iPhone. Who knows how well it can translate to a mobile device, but this shows how much faith developers have in the iPhone. Note: A 2D version is also going to be released for mobile devices that can't handle the full 3D Game. I'm looking at you Blackberry. =)

I couldn't find a video for you guys but folks are saying that it looks spectacular. No one has actually given gameplay a twirl yet so the controls can't be spoken for, but the video shown to a few insiders was rendered on the iPhone itself.

So who's NOT excited about gaming on the iPhone?