BitTorrent Bleep brings secure messaging to iOS

BitTorrent Bleep, which originally launched on Mac in alpha last September, is a privacy-focused messaging platform that keeps messages out of the cloud, instead sending them directly to the recipient with end-to-end encryption. As of today's public release, iOS users can take advantage of Bleep's secure messaging as well.

Here's the breakdown of Bleep's main features:

  • Sign-up with email, mobile number or just go incognito
  • Send and receive online and offline text and images
  • Make and receive voice-calls over cellular data or WiFi to other Bleep users
  • Import your address-book contacts
  • Invite friends over email, SMS or share your public key
  • Move an existing desktop account to a mobile device
  • Messages are sent fully encrypted and stored locally
  • Easily delete your message history

In addition to the above features, today's release brings what BitTorrent calls "whispers." The feature essentially works like Snapchat messaging, causing a whisper message to disappear once the recipient has read it.

If you're a privacy-minded individual and you'd like to give Bleep a shot, you can hit up the store link below to get started.

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