Bjango releases iStat Menus 5 for Mac

Bjango's iStat Menus has long been one of the first apps I set up on a new Macintosh. It provides comprehensive system monitoring tools for the Mac, giving you an eagle's eye view on just about everything that's going on under the hood. Now there's a new version and it's better, more detailed and more comprehensive than ever.

iStat Menus appears in the menu bar of your Macintosh. It includes a number of diagnostic modules to help you keep an eye on exactly what your Mac is doing — everything from CPU activity to network activity, internal sensor temperature, fan speed and much, much more. You can display them as discrete menus or consolidate them together to save space on your menu bar.

Bjango bills iStat Menus 5 as the biggest update yet. It sports a new design with new icons, new dropdown menus, and improvements to make it look more at home on Apple's forthcoming OS X Yosemite release.

But a design overhaul is only scratching the surface. Bjango's also included Mavericks and Yosemite-specific functionality, like power-shaming apps that are using significant energy, support for compressed memory, memory pressure and for Yosemite's "dark mode" menu bar.

iStat Menus can now track disk read and write activity and upload and download activity on a per-app basis, with much more detailed network information to boot — Wi-Fi stats like channel, signal to noise ratio and more; router address, subnet mask and which GPU is being used on machines that sport both an integrated graphics processor and a discrete one, like some MacBook Pros.

Hundreds of other improvements have also been incorporated. For more details visit the Web site. Upgrade pricing of $9.99 is available for iStat Menus 3 or 4 users. System requirements call for OS X 10.8 or later.