Bjango talks Consume for iPad, iStat, and designing for iOS

Marc Edwards from Bjango talks about bringing Phases and Consume to the iPad (and their other apps like iStat in the future).

Consume presents an easy, drop-dead-gorgeous way to track everything from mobile accounts to broadband accounts to loyalty cards to deliveries. Consume pulls data from the cloud so they can update it with new "recipes" for various providers as it becomes available. Consume for iPad takes the same core functionality and paints it across the big screen, using Apple's conventions like popovers but redrawn in a distinctive Bjango way. Likewise, CoreAnimation is used give a unique visual flare to transitions.

In general, Edwards loves the iPad -- it's bigger and more powerful. Where the iPhone is deep (hierarchical layers of screens) the iPad is broad and allows for a lot more information to be show at once. A lot of what they learned making Consume is being used to bring iStat to the iPad, and what they learn from the iPad is being fed back into their iPhone development.

We're glad to hear that because we're eagerly waiting for all of them.

Phases for iPad is available now [iTunes], Consume for iPad is pending [teaser], and iStat is in development.

Bjango's full range of iPhone apps include iStat, Consume (currently free), Darkness, Phases, Beats, Cities, Kapowie, Jobs, and Matches [iTunes]

Video interview from WWDC 2010 after the break...


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