Bjango teases Skala, an interface and icon design tool by and for people who love interface and icon design

Skala is intended to be an interface and design app for and by people who love interface and icon design. That's a tougher job than you might think. There are all sorts of general purpose tools out there that can be used for interface and icon design, Photoshop chief among them. Being general purpose tools, however, they all jack so many different trades, they end up being masters of none. That's why Aperture and Lightroom came about: to better suit the specific needs of photographers. And that's why Skala is on its way: to better suit the specific needs of interface and icon designers.

As you might expect, Skala is being developed by Bjango, who have already fielded Skala Preview, an on-device interface testing app for iOS and Android. Marc Edwards, the guiding mind behind Bjango's design, and my co-host on the Iterate podcast, was gracious enough to tell iMore the following:

We're doing everything possible to ensure Skala will be the best user interface and icon design app available. It's a huge hill to climb though, and we still have a lot of work left.

They'll be talking about Skala more over the coming months. For now, head on over to the Bjango's website for the big tease, and information on when you'll be able to try Skala out for yourself.

Source: Bjango