's full review of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 touchscreen, QWERTY smartphone

BlackBerry Bold 9900 gets reviewed

Kevin Michaluk of sibling site has just posted his BlackBerry Bold 9900, with all the detail you'd expect, and a slick new presentation style that's certain to wake you up. While many may think the new BlackBerry Storm 3 full screen BlackBerry Torch will be the true iPhone competitor from RIM, it's hard to bet against the thing BlackBerry does best -- front facing QWERTY.

Bottom line, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 is the best BlackBerry to date. We love the design, and the upgraded hardware platform delivers a ton of performance to the end user. It really is the best of BlackBerry as we have known it.

That said, there's nothing fundamentally different in BlackBerry 7 that's going to change the way you use your BlackBerry. For some that's not a bad thing. For others it may be. There has always been a lot to like in the BlackBerry OS. And this is the same BlackBerry OS, with the same strengths and the same weaknesses. It's still by far the best mobile platform for communication and it's still lagging in areas like the quality third party apps.

So if you're walking into a store this fall, iPhone 5 on one side, Android phone de jour on the other, would you walk past them for a BlackBerry Bold 9900? Check out Kevin's review and let us know.