When the first Apple Tablet (now iPad) rumors hit years ago, I made the little mock-up above as a way of having some fun with our buddies over at because there's no way RIM would ever make BlackBerry Tablet, right?


This week I received a bunch of emails, phone calls and BBMs from industry contacts seemingly out of the blue that were all to the tune of So what's this I hear about a BlackBerry Tablet?! It took a little digging to figure out where this BlackBerry Tablet stuff was coming from all of a sudden, but I got to the bottom of it. The source is from a research firm that specializes in component supply chain information - and the company sent out a brief report this week touting "RIMM to Launch Own Tablet in Late 2010" which got the industry insiders buzzing. The text in the image above that was sent in to us is from that report, which states three sources have confirmed that RIM has placed an order with supplier Hon Hai for 8.9" displays for use in a tablet.

So let's pretend the StormPad is for real, what could they bring to the table to compete with Apple's iPad? BES/BEX/BIS integration and a BBM client are obvious. Full hardware keyboad (BoldPad?) is a possibility. Anything else?