BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry maker RIM didn't name their new iPad competitor the BlackPad as rumored, they named it the PlayBook while at the same time saying it was geared towards enterprise. PlayBook may be a football reference but football isn't enterprise and the first thing anyone will read is "play" not "work". Why not call it WorkBook then? Why not give it a UI more suited for business than the flashy eye-candy we saw in the demo video, which has "give us your consumer dollars" painted clearly all over it? Why not give it a powerful, native, C-based SDK to write for rather than HTML 5 and Adobe Air?

RIM no doubt wants the high-profit consumer market Apple has grabbed with iPad but knows their traditional base and best hopes for early adoption are with their existing enterprise customers. That's a powerful if decidedly mixed bag of hurt when it comes to marketing.

Will they be able to leverage it into a one-two punch against Apple on both sides, or will it just confuse people, turning off business by being too slick and turning off consumers by being too serious?

We know it will be facing off against iPad 2, and maybe iOS 5 come 2011, so regardless of the "play" name, the BlackBerry tablet has its work cut out for it.

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