BlackBerry's new CEO believes their future

BlackBerry's new CEO has begun articulating his vision for the once-dominant handset maker's future, and it's a future that depends increasingly on iPhone owners. That's because the previously proprietary BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) service is now cross-platform, and enterprise mobile device management now requires support for iOS as well. From Marcus Adolfsson's interview on

"You could be an iPhone customer, and also a BlackBerry customer," Chen explained. "You could be an Android customer, and also a BlackBerry customer. It's not mutually exclusive. I think that's an important key message of the company going forward."

Other companies have taken their services cross-platform with mixed results. However, there are few other options left for BlackBerry at this point. The question remains: How can they woo iPhone users to their services? How can they get people to give BBM and BES a chance?