Blackguards 2, the follow up to last years The Dark Eye: Blackguards, is now available worldwide for OS X. A dark fantasy RPG, Blackguards 2 is based on the RPG rulebook for The Dark Eye, and puts an emphasis on strategy in order to achieve victory.

As with its predecessor, Blackguards 2 features turn-based combat. The goal is to capture territory, but you will also need to defend it, as enemy factions can attempt to reclaim areas that you have taken. Aside from the main quest, you'll have plenty of side quests and characters to keep you immersed in the world, opening up new stories and areas for you to explore.

Blackguards 2 is available for download from a number of outlets, including Steam and The latter is discounting the game from $34.99 to $31.49 for a limited time.

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