Blink for iPhone and iPad now lets you create Apple Music affiliate links

Blink, an app for iPhone and iPad used to create better affiliate links, has hit version 1.1, bringing support for links that send customers to Apple Music. You'll also now be able to generate links that work in a wider variety of countries.

With Blink, you can now automatically add a "geo" prefix to affiliate links to generate links that work for a wider global audience. You can also now generate links for Apple Music, which are different from links for music on the iTunes Store. Check out the list below for all of the changes in Blink 1.1:

Universal Links

  • Access to some content, like music, movies and TV shows are region-restricted. Flip a switch in Blink's settings to add a "geo" prefix to your affiliate links and maximizes the likelihood that your links will work for users in other countries.
  • Want to convert a link to a store in a different country? No problem. Blink will automatically add a "geo" prefix to your link so it is viewable by the biggest audience possible.

Share More Stuff

  • It's all about choice. With the addition of Apple Music you now have the choice to send your users to the iTunes Store to purchase music or to Apple Music to stream it. Go to Blink's settings to pick where you would like to send your users.
  • You can now use Blink's extension to create and share affiliate links to playlists and radio stations from the Music app
  • Blink's extension works with all of Apple's content apps; Podcasts, iTunes U, iBooks, Music, the iTunes Store app and the App Store app. Start linking all the things.

Developers, developers, developers

  • If you are an app developer using iTunes Connect Analytics to track your apps, Blink now lets you add your iTunes Connect Provider ID to your links.

Blink 1.1 also makes a number of enhancements to the app, including improvements to keyboard behavior, entering your affiliate token, and more.

You can grab Blink 1.1 from the App Store now.