It looks like Chillingo may have another hit on its hands with Blobster. Blobster is a new platform game that is highly addictive and beautifully presented.

Blobster is an awesome platforming adventure with a twist! Flick the flubbery fella across incredible levels; avoid pitfalls, water hazards, squish pesky bad guys and collect amazing power-ups on your way to cleaning up Blobtopia and defeating Blobzilla!
  • Forty unique levels like you’ve never seen before, with more to come.
  • Amazing level design will have players in awe as they fling their way through the engrossing campaign.
  • Super easy to pick up and play, flick Blobster around using the intuitive control scheme.
  • Collect game-changing power ups, including the ability to rocket through the sky, float like an angel or transform into a giant.
  • A variety of pesky enemies to squash, each with their own special ability Blobster must overcome.
  • Twelve Special Bonus levels—gift them to your buddies.

My daughter asked me to buy her this game for her iPod touch yesterday. As we share the same account, I installed it on my iPhone and absolutely love it! It is a really fun and addictive game and could be the next huge iOS release. Of course there is always a downside; it is not a universal binary. The developer decided to release two versions; one for the iPhone and iPod touch and an HD version for the iPad. If you are still on the fence, take a look at the video after the break!

[$0.99 – iPhone iTunes link]

[$1.99 - iPad iTunes link]

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