We're in the midst of the busy season again for Apple rumors and speculation, and another report has emerged corroborating much of what we've already heard, including the September 10 new iPhone event. From Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is preparing to introduce a new version of the iPad with a thinner design, people familiar with the plans said

Apple also plans to introduce a new iPad mini, the first with a high-resolution screen, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the development is private.

The report of an event taking place on September 10 was first reported over the weekend, and is consistent with information that we've heard ourselves along with multiple other sources. Talk of new iPads reaffirms what we're all expecting to see in Q4, since by that point we'll be 12 months on from the launch of the 4th generation iPad. We've heard on more than one occasion that the next generation full sized iPad will take on a form factor similar to the iPad mini, and Bloomberg sees no reason to disagree.

The fact they're betting on Retina for the next iPad mini is interesting. We've spoken previously of the difficulties in taking the iPad mini retina, and that Apple won't launch the product until the battery life and price point meets with their criteria. Either way, the iPad mini will be coming up for a year old in Q4, so it's tough to imagine that Apple will let the year end without doing something with it.

What we do know is; we're in for a hell of a ride in the next few months. New OS X release, new iOS release, and a new hardware event just under a month away, it's going to get crazy. To help you pass the time, be sure to enter iMore's contest to win a $500 Apple gift certificate that could go a long way to that new iPhone 5s that you'll be craving this time next month!

Source: Bloomberg