I saw this blurb on Daring Fireball, and I thought it was kind of funny.

"I will say that if you are impressed by the “touch features” in the iPhone, you’ll be blown away by what’s coming in Windows 7."
He puts "touch features" in quotes of course to drive the point home, a useful trick of rhetoric I suppose. The only time I ever read "blown away" is when it's being used as PR. I no longer trust the phrase, since no one says it organically. This has all the makings of a PR plant if you ask me.

The funny thing is, for all I know, the blurb is true. Maybe Windows 7 is awesome and stuff. Gruber of Daring Fireball notes that they're comparing their desktop OS to a phone, point for Gruber. PR deflated. The second bit that he doesn't address is this: Windows 7 is going to be released in the distant future. The iPhone is available now. It had damn well better be more impressive than what we see in the iPhone. If they couldn't beat the touch technology in half a decade, why would it be compelling for anyone to use it, right?