Blue Microphones Ella

You now have multiple choices for the perfect set of Blue headphones and they all look great!

Blue Microphones is blowing up the CES dance floor right now with a new line of headphones. First, the Satellite wireless cans were unveiled, causing much heart palpitations for this writer. Now, Blue has announced two more in the line of wired over-the-ear headphones with Ella and Sadie.

Ella is a planar magnetic headphone that acts more like a dynamic headphone. Basically, it provides the clarity and detail of the former and the booming bass of the latter. It has a built-in 250mW amp and high-capacity 50mm drivers. Blue describes these cans as high-end cabinet speakers, shrunk down to fit on your head.

Sadie is Blue's powerhouse. The company claims it turns any digital device into a hi-fi system. It has a built-in amp with 50mm dynamic drivers to pretty much blow your ears out of your socks.

Blue Microphones Sadie

Both Sadie and Ella have four-point multi-jointed headbands, similar to the company's Mo-Fi cans. They have this huge, thick cushion on top for extra comfort and have pivoting arms to keep the headphones parallel. The earcups are shaped like ears for a perfect fit. They both remind me of a vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Both Ella and Sadie do sport a 3.5mm removable cable, so if you're using the latest and greatest non-headphone-jack iPhone, you're going to have to dig up that adapter dongle.

I'm excited about Blue's dip into the headphone manufacturing pool. The company makes fantastic consumer-level studio-quality microphones, and their previous model cans have been well-received by audiophiles and tech fans alike.

Sadie will be available online at Best Buy and Fry's for $400 starting in January. Ella will be available for pre-order soon at Amazon, Best Buy online, and Fry's online for $700.