Departure of Scott Forstall from Apple reportedly played a roll in luring Bob Mansfield back into the fold

Many people speculate that the primary reason that newly appointed Senior Vice President of Technology, Bob Mansfield ,returned to Apple full time has to do with the departure of Scott Forstall, who is said to have been asked to leave Apple. Forstall is said to have not gotten along with other members of the executive team, including Bob Mansfield. John Paczkowski of All Things D reports reports:

To begin, Mansfield was not a fan of Forstall’s confrontational management style, and sources said he generally tried to avoid the iOS exec. Indeed, Bloomberg last year reported that Mansfield would meet with Forstall only if Cook was present to mediate. I’ve heard many similar stories.

“It wasn’t a him-or-me situation,” one source said of Mansfield’s return and Forstall’s ouster. “But, put it this way, I think Bob was much more willing to commit to two more years once he knew Scott was on his way out.”

Mansfield has agreed to stay at Apple for another two years heading up the new Technologies division. This group will bring together Apple’s various internal component design teams, such as the semiconductor and wireless engineering groups, under one division. This is part of the new organization of Apple, which clearly delineates areas of repsonsibilities for product executives. Eddie Cue is in charge of services, Craig Federighi is in charge of software, Jony Ive is in charge of design, now of both hardware and software, and Bob Mansfield and his team will develop the technology that powers all of it. What these teams will produce is not yet known, but if one thing is for sure, the next few years are going to be very interesting.

Source: All Things D