Bob Mansfield no longer on Apple's executive team, still working on special projects

Bob Mansfield, until today listed as senior vice president of technologies, is no longer part of Apple's leadership, although he's not left the company either. Apple's Steve Dowling provided the following statement to John Paczkowski of All Things D:

“Bob is no longer going to be on Apple’s executive team, but will remain at Apple working on special projects reporting to Tim,” company spokesman Steve Dowling told AllThingsD. He declined any further explanation, refusing to comment on the reasons behind Mansfield’s abrupt demotion or whether Apple plans to appoint a new SVP of technologies.

A similar statement was also provided to Poornima Gupta of Reuters, who shared it earlier on Twitter. Mansfield was originally set to retire in January of 2012, but he later returned, reportedly at the behest of Tim Cook, to work on - wait for it - future projects. Following a leadership shake-up, Mansfield was named senior vice president, technologies. Most recently Mansfield has been connected to the iWatch story.

As of today, he's back where he was, pre-shake-up. At least for now. No more word yet on what exactly is happening or why.

UPDATE: Mansfield is reportedly still loved at Apple, really just wants to focus on the next big thing.

Source: All Things D