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The Mac Pro is already a slick-looking desktop computer with its cylindrical black case, but today the Apple hardware accessory maker Twelve South has started selling a stand called the BookArc that makes the Mac Pro look even cooler. The chrome stand cradles the case and allows it to be used in a horizontal position. It also makes it look like there's a powerful sci-fi cannon on your desk.

Twelve South says:

To create this fiercely different look, Twelve South took heavy gauge steel and machined it into an elegant curve, then coated it with a gleaming chrome finish. Chrome was selected specifically because it perfectly reflects the lustrous black finish of the Mac Pro floating above it. Resting on BookArc, the mightiest of Macs is cradled by a soft silicone lined insert. The new turbo-jet looking Mac Pro will have office mates slack-jawed at the combo's show-stopping new look.

book arc behind mac display

While the BookArc stand makes the Mac Pro look even cooler, it also makes the desktop computer more practical since it can be put in places like pro gear racks, cabinets or studio shelves that could not accommodate its height without the stand. If you are worried about keeping the Mac Pro cool in a horizontal position, Twelve South points to an Apple Tech Note that says it can be used in that configuration.

The stand is now on sale for $59.99. If you own a Mac Pro, would you purchase the BookArc stand?

Source: Twelfth South

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