Booking Now offers quick and easy hotel reservations has launched Booking Now for iPhone, a new app that will help you find a hotel quickly. The app will help you book a room using personalized, real-time search results based on your location and travel needs, prioritizing things like Wi-Fi, in-hotel restaurants, and more.

When you sign into Booking Now, you're presented with a number of options for what you're looking for in a hotel. You can set your price range, if you'll need a room for one or two guests, and what extras you'll need in a hotel, including 24/7 front desk service, on-site parking, and breakfast.

You'll then be presented with a map with your location and the route to hotels that meet your needs, and you'll only see hotels that are reachable from your location within minutes. You can set when you need the room and how long you'll need to stay. Cycle through different facilities, tap the one you want, then tap book now. Booking Now will show you exactly what you're booking, then hit Book Now.

In addition to quickly finding you a place to stay, Booking Now features access to all of's best deals and reviews, as well as 24/7 customer support. The app also integrates with Passbook for an even faster check-in.

Booking Now is currently rolling out on the App Store.

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