Borderlands 2 to get more downloadable content this fall

2K Games announced Monday plans to release additional downloadable content for its hit action role playing game Borderlands 2. The new content will be released for all platforms including OS X this fall.

Borderlands 2 - developed and published for the Mac by Aspyr Media - has been an enormous hit since its release. The game puts players in the role of Vault Hunters - futuristic bounty hunters on the frontier world of Pandora - as they look for loot and weapons, fighting all foes including massive bosses.

2K recently completed a "Season Pass" of Borderlands 2 that provided players with four downloadable content packs at a reduced cost. Now that the Season Pass is done, 2K Games says more content is in the works.

Improvements planned for Borderlands 2 include a second level cap increase from 61 to 72, more boss battles and new head and skin sets. Each new DLC pack will incorporate a new quest that ends in a boss fight; victorious players are rewarded with a loot drop and unlockable head and skin sets.